A cleaning shop in Yaizu City. Saga-ryu is a kimono specialty cleaning shop that jumped out of C.S.U. I will finish your important one by one point.
We also accept special items such as stains that are said not to fall off, high-grade kimono, bumps, bags, leather goods, etc. Nationwide correspondence!

When storing after passing through the sleeves, let's take care of the whole washing as well as soaking out.

Please find a kimono to more carefully, more and more people in the culture of Japan, with each piece, will be groomed.

In 45 years of President himself a skilled and knowledgeable, we have mastered the expertise of a kimono, respond to the needs of our customers.

Wash so we recommend at

And wash?

Foundation and eat is cleaning spills dirt, stains, blotting out yellowed, pulled in and then brushed and wash the clothes.
You can hodokazu clothes can be cleaned, so feel free to revive the kimono.

Revived in wash clothes